Services Offered by Intelligent Adoptions

Wherever possible, I prefer to meet with clients personally, especially during the initial stages of the consulting process.  The better I understand your specific needs and desires and the ways in which you interface with adoption professionals, the better able I will be to assist you with your adoption.  As an adoption consultant and attorney I believe that one of my most important services is to help you define your needs and desires and then, should these or the legal aspects related to your adoption change during the adoption process -- and they frequently do -- to assist you in making the appropriate changes.

Intelligent Adoptions offers assistance and counseling through every stage of your adoption and post-adoption.  Our services include, but are not limited to:

Overview of Options

Before contacting any agencies it is important to define what kind of child you foresee as being part of your family, whether you are open to a child of a different race, how you foresee your adopted child fitting in with your family.  It is important to be honest with yourself about this and I believe that and I can help you sort through these issues.

Choosing an Agency

Choosing the right agency is essential and can mean the difference between a successful and unsuccessful adoption.  You will want an agency that meets certain criteria and that can provide you with recent references.  It is important to know your agency well and to be comfortable with its personnel.  I can recommend agencies to you.  I can also provide you with the questions to ask and the information to request from these agencies.  If you are already working with an agency, I can suggest effective ways in which to proceed with that agency.

Home Study and Preparation of Dossier

Having someone come to your home to interview you as to your suitability for parenting can be disconcerting.  Some interviewers are lovely; some are abrasive.  Some, because of their credentials, can provide a Home Study without delay and future complications.  Intelligent Adoptions can guide you to the appropriate individuals and inform you as to the kinds of questions that will be asked and the kind of home environment sought.

Most countries require extensive dossiers.  In addition, all of the documents have to be executed in duplicate, notorized, certified and frequently apostilled.  As a lawyer I can easily walk you through it and/or even help you to complete it.  In addition, I am a Notary Public and hence can notarize all of the documents.  I am familiar with the Courts in New York and can also take care of the certification and apostilling.

Working Effectively with Your Agency

Effective communication with one’s adoption agency is crucial and requires constant contact and exchange of information.  Should communication become drawn out or even halted – as it often does, I have found it useful to step in and deal directly with the agency on your behalf.  As an attorney with adoption experience I am frequently able to restart a stalemated situation.

Helping Appraise Your Referral

Some adoptive parents are comfortable adopting a child about whom they have very little medical or social history.  Others will not adopt unless they have some medical history to ensure against certain risks.  The amount of information available depends on the country of adoption as well as your agency.  I can help you to obtain as much information as possible given your particular circumstances.   Using my experience I can also provide you with the names of physicians both in the United States and abroad who specialize in determining the health of adoption referrals.

Meeting Your Child

Some adoptive parents meet their child, fall in love and adopt without misgivings.  For others (especially those adopting toddlers) the situation is frequently different.  They may have a more mixed reaction to their adopted children at first.  It is important to be prepared for all reactions, negative as well as positive, and to discuss beforehand the ways to handle the situation.

Travel Abroad

Before traveling abroad you must be sure that you have all of the information necessary to complete your adoption and to travel quickly and safely.  You should know the visa and visitor laws applicable to the country of travel as well as a basic knowledge of local customs.  I can help you obtain this information.

Post-Adoption Information and Counseling

There are many situations that need to be addressed once you are home.  Some parents opt to re-adopt under United States law.  Some want to convert their children to their faith.  Some are looking for support groups.  Those who have adopted toddlers will need to start Early Intervention programs.  Some will have questions regarding tax credits.  Intelligent Adoptions can assist you with all of these and other kinds of post-adoption situations.