Welcome to Intelligent Adoptions

Adoption is not easy. There are psychological and emotional issues to resolve, a multitude of decisions to make and endless documentation to collect and process. We are asked to put our trust in people we do not know and to make decisions based on scant, frequently unverifiable information. We are not always privy to available facts. Circumstances change within a country and from country to country as well as from agency to agency. Adoption is confusing, time consuming, costly and an emotional roller-coaster. I know. I am an adoptive mother of two children from Eastern Europe.

I am also a lawyer. My business is to consult with prospective couples and individuals and to counsel and assist them with every aspect of their adoption process. As a lawyer, I am trained to detect inconsistencies, to process documents, to ask the "right" questions. As an adoptive mother and involved member of the adoption community, I have access to and am in a position to evaluate information essential to the adoption process.

Intelligent Adoptions is dedicated to adoption assistance. There are numerous reasons to use an adoption consultant. To name a few:
  • The United States recently signed onto the Hague Convention procedures governing adoptions.  This will change the way adoptions are processed.  As an attorney I can explain what the Hague Convention means to you and how it will affect your adoption.
  • Certain countries have unpublished adoption policies that vary from region to region.  If you are adopting from one of these countries you will want, if at all possible, to adopt from an orphanage in a pro-adoption region as this will afford you a greater degree of choice and flexibility (age, etc.).
  • How you choose and communicate with your adoption agency is crucial.  I am familiar with the world of adoption agencies and how to work with these agencies effectively.  For example, some agencies are in a better position than others to receive healthy referrals.  It is important to know how to find these agencies.
  • Adopting a child (or children) is an emotionally charged experience that robs us of our objectivity.  Yet objectivity is essential to the decisions that you will have to make.  A consultant remains objective.
  • Subjecting oneself to a Home Study and then completing a dossier is emotionally taxing and frequently confusing.
  • It is not uncommon for prospective parents to feel confused and unsure the night before adopting.  Should you find yourself in a hotel room, frozen in doubt, in a foreign country (and hopefully one day you will), I will always be available as your adoption consultant via telephone.